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About the Series

[The Marionettes of Myth is a series that begins with three books, and then the Monsters of Myth series begins and runs congruently. These two series are written to fit together like building blocks, featuring different characters of the same world and showing them in spotlights that are unique to their particular series. Read more about the origin of Marionettes here and read the first chapter here.

One series will come to an end while the other carries on, but whether it's the Marionettes or the Monsters is a secret.]


The Steel City of Pittsburgh is a Superhuman Metropolis

The steel mill industry ignited with the boom of the industrial revolution, drawing mass migrations of the superhuman species to jobs that would take them when the rest of the human world wouldn't. Communities flourished and the city expanded all along the great three rivers, merging cultures, peoples, magics, and darker things.

Secrets lurk in the city's seams. Magics of vanished peoples hide in its pockets. Rumor even has it that forgotten gods come to the city to die. It might seem that the city itself is a living, breathing beast, flexing the dangerous muscle and sinew of its people.

But not all beasts can be tamed.

Dance in Shadow and Whisper

Kali has always been obedient, but when she takes her first step onto a protected “humans only” high school in suburban Pittsburgh, she knows she was the wrong choice for this mission.

Ever since the murder of her parents when she was too young to remember, she’s been sheltered – and trained. She can swing a sword with expert precision, but studying popular human teen magazines hasn’t taught her how to masquerade as seventeen years old.

Jason is the target of the mission. She and Yuuhi, who was also designated by his own people to be her partner, must find solid proof that Jason is, in fact, a supernatural phenomenon. Yuuhi sees little more than a socially inept emo kid dressed in conflicting shades of black, but Kali only touches Jason’s hand, and she feels the sting of something dark and deadly. Jason’s shadow is bigger than he is, and if the leaders of Yuuhi’s people find out, Jason won’t be human much longer.

The goal of the mission is to protect him, but Kali will find that the only way she can do just that is to break every rule she’s been conditioned to follow. She’ll have to learn how to disobey.

Beginning with Kali’s point of view and then shifting to the eyes of other characters, the Marionettes of Myth series introduces Pittsburgh as a superhuman metropolis, a world both wild and conquered by the monsters buried in its seams and darkest shadows.

And those monsters will be watching her.


The Marionettes of Myth Saga is a young adult urban fantasy series that begins with "Dance in Shadow and Whisper" and is available on the Kindle. The paperback is available through the Amazon store and will soon be available through Barnes & Noble.

The story continues, the stakes rise, and there's more to lose than ever in the exciting sequel "Fracture the Spider's Web", available in Nook and Kindle formats. The paperback is available through the Amazon store.

Not all sediment settles between the end of "Fracture the Spider's Web" and the beginning of book three in "Interlude", a short novella that explores a few favorite characters in first person point of view. Digital editions will be available for free on the blog, but will also be available for purchase, along with the paperback, this October.

She stepped through the doors of eternal night. Now the king of the night won’t let her go. "Taste a Thousand Deaths" is the third installment and currently available on the Kindle.

The Monsters of Myth Saga is a new adult urban fantasy series that begins after the first three books of the companion Marionettes series. The characters featured in Monsters is a closely guarded secret, and details of this series will be revealed later.

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  1. Wow, this book looks interesting! I also like your original ideas, too- they're much different than anything I've read before. The way you've put it together is a nice touch too, and your cover is great. :D

    Well done on getting yourself published, and I hope the book is successful!

    Would you mind if I promoted this on my own blog,please?