Saturday, March 7, 2015

Book 1 of the Monsters of Myth Series: Bleed Cinders & Venom

Returning to their normal lives is not what they wanted

And it’s not what they’ll get

Running a business that searches and retrieves lost magical relics has its busywork: invoices, bills, taxes, more taxes, and monsters showing up out of nowhere with murderous intent. Ave and Elliot have finally returned to their previous lives at the apartment, only to find their business is about to get much messier than they had anticipated—or desired, really.

Elliot had indirectly freed the war goddess Ares had mentioned, but her captor wants her back—with Elliot dead, just in case. Ave’s powers have surged like frostbite in her veins, but her intertwining with Toivo has also somehow affected him, changed him, something she feels every time they have sex, and darker things with wide grins will gladly sink their teeth into them both to claim it. The hardest part is who Ave and Elliot will have to rely on when they can’t rely on themselves, and who might die because of it.

But what surprises them all are the secret links and hidden truths, questions bigger than the boy who faked his death, revelations larger than what Ave and Elliot truly are, and with business booming—literally—they will all learn what it feels like to have venom in their veins.

As promised about a thousand years ago, here's the final cover for Bleed Cinders and Venom! This is the first fully designed (and fully intended) wrap-around cover. The first books of the Marionettes series were not designed to be wrap-around covers, but these and every book hereafter will be, for an awesome clean look that'll go sweetly with the matte cover.

The release date is still pending, since it depends a lot upon when we can get feedback from beta readers, and also when we can finish revisions. But, as usual, we'll be keeping everyone posted on updates! In the meantime, go add book 1 on Goodreads!

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